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The Wealth of Language

Wealth - most of us want it, but have we really utilized wealth in wisdom? Wealth is more than your financial weight. Wealth encompasses more than your listed assets. Your “wele” or “weal” is the total summation of your welfare or well-being. Your output is your measurable value over a specific period. The more you produce, by definition, the wealthier you are. Do not be dysfunctional in managing your time, health, or wealth.

How then can you accumulate wealth? Your language should be wealthy! How you use your greatest tool in any situation propels you either into the prosperity of life or the despair of it. Language is commonly defined as the principal method of human communication, consisting of words used in a structured and conventional way and conveyed by speech, writing, or gesture. That means language is both verbal and non-verbal. Language transcends culture and genre.

"We must be well in our language!"- Dr. LaTonya Powers

We have learned to be masters of church language. We shout well. We speak in tongues well. We have prophetic words for people well! However, can we hold a business meeting with the same intensity as praise and worship? Sure, a business may not be your lane. Maybe working on cars is your purpose. Can you speak the language of a skilled, certified mechanic? Whatever your purpose is, speak with the wealth of language! This is the second area of wisdom in which the Lord is pouring divine intelligence.

I feel an unction in my spirit for The Lord that there is a movement into another place, but we are being taught to be well first! We must be well in our language! Change your language so that it changes your attitude. Add to your dialect so The Provider can add to you. Speak to creative ideas. Know the language of finances. Be able to speak to benefits, insurance, and bookkeeping.

The bible says, “The Sovereign Lord has given me a well-instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed.” - Isaiah 50:4 Write this on your heart for 37 days! What you began to say may not be because you are good enough, but it will be a result of you knowing enough! If we put God first, we are awakened morning by morning with a language downloaded in our ear. When we open our mouths, we will not sound dumb, we will sound godly! Go forward and BE WELL!!

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