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Hear Right!

Scientifically, the ear is the organ of hearing and balance.

Hearing starts with our outer ear. When a sound is made outside the outer ear, the sound waves, or vibrations, travel down the external auditory canal and strike the eardrum. The eardrum vibrates. The vibrations are then passed to 3 tiny bones in the middle ear. Here, the ear then amplifies the sound. The tiny bones send the sound waves to the inner ear and into the fluid-filled hearing organ.

Once the sound waves reach the inner ear, they are converted into electrical impulses. The auditory nerve sends these impulses to the brain. The brain then translates these electrical impulses as sound.

As one of our most important senses, the ability to hear enables us to connect to the world for many very important reasons. Hearing connects us to people enabling us to communicate in a way that none of our other senses can achieve.

Without good hearing in both ears, understanding what a person is saying needs more concentration and can be very tiring, especially if several people are talking or there’s background noise. Whew! Misunderstanding what’s been said can be very frustrating for both listener and speaker and can make life a far less pleasurable experience.

My ear is upgraded!- Dr. LaTonya Powers

If what we say out of our mouth gives us authority and what we hear gives us access, then how can we “say” right if we don’t “hear” right?

Naturally and in The Spirit, declare today, “I’m not going to let anything go in my ear that will hurt what comes out of my mouth!” Because of whom we are, we have divine access and an embedded decoder. Our ear is operational because our spirit is dimensional!

Hear Right! Talk Right!

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