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Our Pastor



               Dr. LaTonya Powers


By way of a life filled with compromising challenges, tragic tragedies, and hurtful heartbreak, Dr. LaTonya Powers has divinely developed her dunamis destiny. One of her greatest teachers was the innate ability, given by The Holy Spirit, to journey through the life that was set before her.

Even though Dr. Powers secretly struggled early in life, her purpose was revealed, and triumphant victories ensued by transcending denominational, cultural, ethical, and generational boundaries.

Being emotionally drained cannot stop the will of one who is determined to heal! Dr. Powers healed and now operates in her God-given assignment to assist in transforming the lives of all of God’s people.

The inability to see the next step cannot stop the resolve of one who operates in faith! Dr. Powers walks by it, living a sold-out life for God with clean hands.

Feelings of failure will eventually provide motivation for one whose fingers are trained to war and whose hands are taught to fight! Dr. Powers strongly believes in mentorship and fighting for the rights of the people


Dr. LaTonya Powers is a mother, pastor, author, entrepreneur, and community leader who has appeared on countless radio broadcasts and major network channels such as Impact Network, TBN, The Word Network, and BET. Pastoring Pulse24 Christian Church in Marietta, Georgia; Dr. Powers travels the world unapologetically sharing The Gospel and is a celebrity coach and life strategist.

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