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The Power Of RE

There is so much power to be found in the two letters RE. By definition, when these two dunamis letters are utilized, something or someone is returning to its original state, condition or design. Every life has a design and purpose. It is the substance of what we were born to do. Whatever we are born to do, it then becomes our journey to REcreate it. What skills do we have? REcreate it.

In this journey called life, it can become difficult REcognizing our original design. Oftentimes, we find it later in life but it was there all along! Get up! Build up! Make up! REconsider all that belongs to you! It is your right to return to your original design. We know from Genesis, God designed us to be productive in the earth. We are to be master producers. Behold the power of RE!

"Access the moment in life because it belongs to you! Get to the point of RE!"- Pastor LaTonya Powers

Believe it or not, even I must periodically REstrategize! As I am approaching my 48th birthday, I REalized there were dreams from my childhood that I still desire to fulfill. I knew as a child; I was meant to be something. I was waiting on me! I had to REalize that there was no one I could blame for what dreams I do not pursue. Especially when I know the world is mine. I loved fashion as a child. I always wanted to be a designer. Things happened in my life that were counterproductive and damaging to that dream. However, after healing and REcentering myself, FRU’GAE is now available.






Being in REdiscovery mode will bring you to a place where you are good again. You do not need anyone’s permission to be good and great! Jump into it so you can have your greatest moments in the earth.

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