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Take the Plunge: Jumping with Caution

Spiritual Immersion is a process of revealing the deepest and richest layers of our spirit-selves. This Spirit-man resides within our human form and can only be fully known through direct, personal experience with The Most High. Only through this direct experience can you explore, experiment, and discover your truth and live that truth. I believe we have come onto this planet to experience the fulfillment of our human spirit. We can only do this through the self-empowering, direct experience of our humanness. One of the secrets to experiencing a breakthrough is immersion. It is the state of being deeply involved, engaged, and absorbed. We must go deeper. When you are deeply involved and engaged, it does not take long to find a resolution.

Truthfully, there aren’t many who are committed to being on a spiritual journey. Most of us are thrown onto the path by circumstances out of our control: natural disasters, loss of jobs, homes and money, diseases, death, etc. Fear scares away curiosity seekers. The assumption of most people is that to be spiritual means relinquishing all belongings and desires. We are programed to hold onto what we’ve got, control what we can, and take what we can get. Although all religious and spiritual teachings tell us this is the path to true spiritual living, well, most of us just pretend, hoping we won’t be found out. That choice to pretend is preferred over sitting in fear of the potential loss of a reality that we believe to be the only one.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." – Lao Tzu.

A great method to stay involved is through prayer. Prayer will move darkness. It may move death, despair, and the woes of the people. It is the nature of God to move His hand and soak up the spirit of darkness. The warfare will not work! God said He would release money in our hand, a word in our mouth, and attach His name to our feet. There is a release of relief in the earth! His word will take position so in prayer we can have posture! The conundrum is believing what we pray in spite of what we see and/or feel.

Spiritual immersion is the process of revealing what is deeply revelatory. We are both human and divine. To understand the totality of God, you will have spiritual experiences. You must encounter God to learn God. To encounter God, you must be able to experience God. This only comes by way of going into His presence. In balance, to understand the totality of God, you will have human experiences. There is no escape to this reality.

True worship is not about where you are, what you have, where you live, where you go to church, a title, being a demon buster but it is about how much you tell the truth. Do not get caught in the look. Get caught up in the nature of God! Spiritual teachings consistently reflect a truth: that we didn’t come here to be safe, secure, and happy. We, as spiritual beings, have come here for an adventure; an adventure that can only be experienced within the form of a human being (our divinity and simultaneous humanity). Empowering ourselves to do battle with our deepest fears, we either die trying or we find ourselves, victorious. Either way, we find ourselves. Go ahead, jump head first but with caution!

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