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I’m Thirsty

Water is essential to the body. Your body needs water to regulate your body temperature. It is not used only for consumption, but every cell of your body requires water. Human bones, according to scientific research, are 31% water. 60% of our bodies are composed of water. We can survive longer without food, but we will die a quick death without H2O.

Although water is essential for life, it is one of the most scarce and sacred resources on this planet. Less than 1% of the water on Earth can be used as drinking water. Most of the Earth’s freshwater is locked away.

What do you do when you get to a place (which indeed has a purpose), you see the water but cannot drink it because it is bitter? What do you do? The truth be told, the very thing that is good for us; most of us do not like it!

I am thirsty!

The reason I act like “this” is cause I’m thirsty. I look and act mean because I’m thirsty. I don’t want to be bothered, with my moody self, cause I’m thirsty! I am thirsty for love. I’m thirsty for life! I’m thirsty for money, something better, healing...I am thirsty for companionship.

“They tried to kill me! My self-esteem was attacked, and my heart has been broken. It has been broken and then broken again! God, I’m thirsty!”

Here, in a purposeful place called Rephidim, God’s children were on a spiritual journey of learning and development. Fresh out the wilderness and into another dry spot. Although they had seen God work before, they chided their leader with complaints and tempted The Lord. We are thirsty!

“Because I don’t know who I am, I can’t really see who you are. Truthfully, my expectation died somewhere, and I can’t even tell you where it died BUT SOMETHING IN ME IS THIRSTY!”

Dehydration is the result of insufficient water consumption. When we are dehydrated, our digestive system shuts down. Do not judge the children of Israel too quickly for thirst is a sign that ensures all creatures maintain a balance of hydration and nutrients. Without God, we become spiritually dehydrated. Our mind, body, and soul will shut down. We won’t and can’t think straight!

“Lord, help me! I am trying to do what you tell me to do. I’m trying to do what you say BUT there is something in me that needs to be quenched!”

The enemy has attempted to feed a “God thirst” with an enemy mandate. Yes, the adversary looks charming. That thing looks nice. It may feel good for a moment BUT it is a God thirst! The thirst is not earthly, it’s Godly and The Water is God. That is the very reason why we are never satisfied with the things that are not of God.

And as we walk through the corridors of the text, we find God being Jireh by way of supplying! He told His servant, smite the rock! Hit the hard place and there shall be! Lord, we thank you for healing our thirst! We thank you for giving us an abundant, never-ending supply of Water!

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