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Every Place Has a Purpose

The songwriter says, “He was there all the time! Waiting patiently when I felt like giving up- He was there. Many times, I tried to do it on my own; only to realize my strength was gone but He was there all the time! Nobody was there. Nobody could be found…”

Stop. I dare you to tap into your own spiritual GPS and ask yourself, “but where have I been?”

In this hour, we have stopped looking for information and started looking for a simple place to be. God cannot be the best in our lives if we do not know who and where we are.

Maybe you are in the bitter place called Marah.

You see the very thing you need but cannot get it. You show up and the very thing you need is bitter. You can see it. You can touch it, but it is bitter. Marah is the place where you make crazy decisions, doubt the Lord, call the exes. It is where you are the weakest, and the need feels greater than The Word.

When the flesh is not satisfied, it becomes loud and so you must train it so that it does not answer the enemy. I declare over your life; this is the last season you show up and not get what you need. God will take your bitter season and turn it into a sweet moment!

If you do not find yourself in Marah, try Elim.

It is the land of the wells and palm trees which symbolize growth. It is where we invest more energy in growing than on the enemy! Look at yourself and say, “Self!!! God will grow it again!” Please understand that every moment, every relationship, every wound, and movement have a purpose. The Israelites were not just jumping from campsite to campsite. They were on a spiritual journey of learning and development.

“I AM God. Please let me reintroduce Myself!”

Some of you are in your “Pick Up” season which is found in the place called The Wilderness of Sin.

You know who God is and now you need a new supply! God will never leave you in a place where He will not bestow proper provisions! He will rain morning manna for you to pick up. God will cause quails to lay in wait just for you to pick up in the evening! GOD WILL SUPPLY!

Whether it be the place of Marah, Elim, The Wilderness of Sin, Horeb, or Rephidim, it all has a specific purpose. God wants to reveal to you who He is. God wants to reveal to you who you are! The Himself and yourself! Every place has a purpose!

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